The Daemon at the Casement, or Frankenstein, Part II (2018)

The 200-Year sequel to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1918) picks up where Shelley left off, with the agile and erudite creature marooned and miserable in the frozen far north.  Juggling civility and savagery, he renews his search for companionship and seizes the chance for a better life.

The Little Life of Richie Millipede (2017)

Seven genetically engineered newborns enter the world, optimized, minimized, and cocooned in glass.  Prodigious and problematic, they’ll be out ahead of plan.

The Artist in the Pines (2014)

He steps into view on a day so warm that the pines ooze resin and the forest is thick with its vapors — a scraggly-bearded drifter, oddly dressed and toting canvas rolls in a quiver.  When he stops at a cabin to sketch, it seems an unpromising intrusion  — the man there has recently lost his wife, and the boy his mother.  But the drifter has a way with the child and brings an eerie sort of talent to the easel.  As he camps in the yard, a treasure of fantastical paintings begins to fill the household.

The Plague of Dreamlessness (2012)

Bouts of barren, dreamless sleep play a role in dual epidemics sixty years removed.  Converging story lines explore the nature of dreams, memories, and the onset of enduring sleep.